roots hummus Roots uses the freshest, highest quality, local ingredients whenever possible. They produce, package, and ship everything they make out of Asheville’s River Arts District, and support Certified Living Wages for their staff. Community involvement is a part Roots’ core, and they ensure their local status as “The Microbrew of Hummus” not only by crafting artisanal food for the masses, but also by feeding and bolstering the good people and businesses who’ve got their back.

rotor bike components logo, backwards capital letter RRotor produces high-end components including Q-Rings, power meters, and light and stiff cranks, engineered to make cycling faster, more efficient and more comfortable simultaneously. Rotor achieves this by combining intelligent and truly innovative design with unmatched, in-house precision manufacturing. Rotor’s Goal: To make your cycling experience more enjoyable; to allow you to ride your bike faster and further with less fatigue and aches and, ultimately, to make sure you get more pleasure and enjoyment from your rides.

effetto mariposa butterfly wings design logoEffetto Mariposa (Butterfly Effect) homages chaos science and the idea that small changes can lead to major differences. This drives EM to refine each new product to give customers (at least) a tiny yet clear advantage. In a sport where wins and losses can be a matter of seconds, the winning “flap of the wings” can be given by a tire sealant with a formula unlike any of its competitors, or by an inflate and repair cartridge that really works.

Roka is dedicated to empowering triathletes  roka sports logoand swimmers with products that make them faster — faster than they were yesterday, faster than they were last season, faster than their competition. Roka is known for their Maverick wetsuits and Viper swimskins, and innovative SIM Shorts training aid. Their recently-released SPCTRM goggles are available in styles for pool swimming and open water swimming alike. Roka will be entering the triathlon and running apparel markets in 2015.

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Richmond Outside is Central Virginia’s gateway to the outdoors. Visit for news articles and videos about local outdoor activities, in-depth features on Central Virginia outdoor destinations, and a calendar of outdoor events in the region.