Trail Running at Goose Creek State Park

Wooded trail at Goose Creek State Park; Tall pines and hardwoods.

If you’re keen on hiking, bird watching, trail running, camping, or swimming; Goose Creek State Park won’t disappoint.

Eager to explore more of North Carolina’s natural wonders, my better half and I headed to Goose Creek State Park for a weekend camping trip. The park boasts a very unique biodiversity with brackish marsh along the Pamlico Sound transitioning to swamps further inland. With a swimming beach along the Pamlico Sound, eight miles of trails for hiking or running, and scenic and sparsely traveled rural roads surrounding the park, it’s also a great place for multisport training. And a great place for multisport racing, too; several of the other campers were in town for the annual kayakalon.

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Race Report: 2015 XTERRA West Championship

In the zone on the bike at the XTERRA West Championship in Lake Las Vegas, NV

In the zone on the bike at the XTERRA West Championship in Lake Las Vegas, NV. Photo credit: XTERRA

The XTERRA West Championship in Las Vegas, NV marked the start of the XTERRA US pro tour. With my season debut at XTERRA Costa Rica derailed by stomach issues, it served as my first real test against the increasingly competitive domestic and international men’s pro-field. Continue reading

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XTERRA West Championship Course Preview

Blue sky with clouds above sandy desert landscape. Trail cut along small rideline.

Part of the moonscape bike and run course at the Xterra West Championship in Lake Las Vegas.

Saturday, April 25th marks the start of the XTERRA US Pro tour with the West Championship in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be my first time racing the event, and I’ll have my hands full against a stacked field of elite athletes from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Click through to experience the course. Continue reading

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Biking in Durham and Hillsborough NC

Flat, straight two lane road stretching out ahead. Small grouping of trees to the right, with small pond. Black and white Holstein cows grazing in the shade. Bright blue sky and white clouds above.

Happy cows at Maple View Dairy Farm on Orange Grove Road in Orange County

Durham, NC is a great place to be a cyclist. It has all the vibrancy and dynamism of an up-and-coming city, but retains out-the-door access to tranquil and rustic countryside that’s perfect for cycling. Continue reading

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Darby Roubaix 2015

Mountain bike race Men under 40 podium.

2nd place in the under-30 division and 7th overall. Not too bad for riding my mountain bike against some sneaky roadies!

On Sunday I competed in my first ever road race, Darby Roubaix, capping a weekend of camping at Bandits Roost and riding the phenomenal singletrack at W. Kerr Scott Dam. Continue reading

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Xterra Costa Rica 2015

Alex Modestou and his mountain bike, standing in the center of a dirt trail overlooking the ocean.

Just crested a 30% grade climb on the pre-ride, the view more than made up for it!

Costa Rica seemed like as good a place as any for my first international race. After a brutal east coast winter, the chance to trade snow for sunscreen in March made the decision all the easier.

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Cycling Pilot Mountain State Park

Flat two-lane country road, Pilot Mountain in the distance. Fallow red clay farm fields.

The distinctive red clay of North Carolina and beautiful blue skies make the perfect backdrop for the unique prominence of Pilot Knob, towering above the Piedmont.

To celebrate the first day of Spring I headed out to Pilot Mountain State Park, my favorite road riding locale in North Carolina’s Piedmont region. If you haven’t already, check out my first post on Pilot Mountain here. Continue reading for a photo essay of a perfect spring day in the saddle.

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XTERRA Costa Rica 2015 Preview

Leonardo Chacon riding moutain bike in the surf along the beach at Playa Conchal Costa Rica.

2012 Olympian and 2x Costa Rican National Champion Leonard Chacon crushing a beach segment of the bike course in route to winning the 2014 men’s title. Photo credit: Andres Vargas – Xterra Costa Rica / Lead Adventure Media

On Sunday March 29th a stellar international field of professional off-road triathletes as well as hundreds of adventurous amateurs will test their limits at the Xterra Costa Rica off-road triathlon championship. It will be my first triathlon of the year, and my first time racing outside of the US. Continue reading

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Veggies and Hummus 100 Ways

Pyramid of circular Roots Hummus lids - yellow original, orange roasted garlic, blue oil-free original, burgandy hot chipotle, yellow mango sriracha, red thai coconut curry, purple black bean, green spinach, green lima bean, red roasted red peper. Pyramid of vegetables - beet, red bell pepper, cucumber, radish, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, zuchinni, carrot, green bean.

My top-ten favorite vegetables and the ten bold Roots hummus flavors produce 100 unique veggie & hummus pairings.

I eat a lot of snacks. With two to four workouts a day, I need to refuel after each one without being too full for the next. I am always looking for different healthy and tasty ways to get some wholesome nutrition in quick. I don’t always have time to fix recipes, even easy ones, so I often resort to shoveling in hummus straight from a bowl.  Varying both the flavor of hummus and the delivery method, though, keeps it from becoming monotonous. Continue reading

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Carolina Beach Weekend Getaway

Serene beach view with sun rising on the horizon. Light sandy beach with scrubby brown grasses on the dunes.

Carpe diem. Few scenes in nature compare to that of the sun rising over the ocean.

After several mountain trips in Western North Carolina last year (Rocky Knob Bike Park, Boone, and Boone again) we got the itch for some weekend getaways to the North Carolina coast in 2015. Just one of the benefits of living in NC. Our favorite spot is the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area just south of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. It boasts miles of uncrowded pristine coastline and is a bird watchers delight. Pelican, Tern, Seagull, Sindpiper, and Willet sightings are almost a sure bet. Continue reading

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