Biking in Durham and Hillsborough NC

Flat, straight two lane road stretching out ahead. Small grouping of trees to the right, with small pond. Black and white Holstein cows grazing in the shade. Bright blue sky and white clouds above.

Happy cows at Maple View Dairy Farm on Orange Grove Road in Orange County

Durham, NC is a great place to be a cyclist. It has all the vibrancy and dynamism of an up-and-coming city, but retains out-the-door access to tranquil and rustic countryside that’s perfect for cycling. I’ve got about a dozen staple routes that meander through Durham, Orange, and Person counties. One of my favorites, is the Durham-Hillsborough loop (map below). It starts and ends in downtown Durham, and makes a big loop around Eno River State park, through Hillsborough, down to Cane Creek, just north of Chapel Hill, and back into Durham. Along the way, it hits many of the most popular and scenic cycling roads: Mt Sinai, Arthur Minnis, Dairyland, Orange Grove, and Pleasant Green Rd.

Check out some sights along the way. Hopefully I’ll see you out on the road soon.

Two lane road with dark asphalt pavement and bright white and double yellow lane lines stretching out ahead into the distance. Tall green trees stretching up toward the bright blue sky on both sides.

The stretch of NC 751 along the Duke Forest is the gateway to rural Orange county from downtown Durham.

Solitary two-lane country road, no traffic.

Pleasant Green Road is a staple for bikers, running due north just above the intersection of US 70, interstate 85, and the Eno River. It leads to fantastic rural Orange and Person county biking routes.

Solitary two-lane country road, no traffic. Slender pine trees stretching up to the sky.

The base of a punchy climb on Pleasant Green Road

Two-lane country road, no traffic. Green farm field on the right.

Hanging a left on St. Marys Road at the end of Pleasant Green Rd takes you straight into downtown Hillsborough.

Country road, tall trees, blue sky, golden farm field, small farm house.

I connect St. Marys to Orange Grove to loop around and return to Durham from Hillsborough. Just about every stretch of Orange Grove is as scenic as this.

Country road, green field, cows, blue sky.

The best part about Orange Grove Rd is riding by Maple View dairy farm. You can even stop at their country store to eat freshly made ice cream out on their rocking chair strewn porch.

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One Response to Biking in Durham and Hillsborough NC

  1. northernbike says:

    empty roads that look like they go on forever – looks terrific, and really green there already

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