Cycling Pilot Mountain State Park

Flat two-lane country road, Pilot Mountain in the distance. Fallow red clay farm fields.

The distinctive red clay of North Carolina and beautiful blue skies make the perfect backdrop for the unique prominence of Pilot Knob, towering above the Piedmont.

To celebrate the first day of Spring I headed out to Pilot Mountain State Park, my favorite road riding locale in North Carolina’s Piedmont region. If you haven’t already, check out my first post on Pilot Mountain here. Continue reading for a photo essay of a perfect spring day in the saddle.

Pilot Knob visible on the horizon, farm in the foreground.

The rural roads surrounding Pilot Mountain State Park make for excellent road cycling with an unbeatable view

Country road, fields, and farm house.

Even at the base of Pilot Knob, the horizon stretches on for miles.

Farm fields, barn, farm house, with Pilot Knob on the horizon.

I picked a route that circumnavigated the park so that I could check out Pilot Knob from just about all vantage points

Wide grassy utility easement with power lines. Small alpaca grazing.

If you look closely, you’ll find an Alpaca grazing in the utility easement

Alex Modestou riding on the road in blaze orange Pearl Izumi jersey and bright yellow Giro helmet.

All smiles on the ride.

Flat two-lane country road, evergreens on the left and leafless deciduous trees on the right.

The long and harsh winter made this gentle spring day all the more spectacular.

Hoping the honest work will pay dividends at my first race of the season, XTERRA Costa Rica, coming up next week.

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