Veggies and Hummus 100 Ways

Pyramid of circular Roots Hummus lids - yellow original, orange roasted garlic, blue oil-free original, burgandy hot chipotle, yellow mango sriracha, red thai coconut curry, purple black bean, green spinach, green lima bean, red roasted red peper. Pyramid of vegetables - beet, red bell pepper, cucumber, radish, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, zuchinni, carrot, green bean.

My top-ten favorite vegetables and the ten bold Roots hummus flavors produce 100 unique veggie & hummus pairings.

I eat a lot of snacks. With two to four workouts a day, I need to refuel after each one without being too full for the next. I am always looking for different healthy and tasty ways to get some wholesome nutrition in quick. I don’t always have time to fix recipes, even easy ones, so I often resort to shoveling in hummus straight from a bowl.  Varying both the flavor of hummus and the delivery method, though, keeps it from becoming monotonous.

With options like Mango Sriracha, Thai Coconut, and Hot Chipotle hummus; snacking with Roots is the way to go, and I count my lucky stars to have a partnership with Roots. I don’t usually reach for bread, chips or crackers with my hummus; while tasty, these don’t sit well in my stomach during workouts. So, I keep a varied stock of raw vegetables to use as shovels. I often go for dip-able standbys like broccoli, carrots, and celery, but also switch it up with some underutilized veggies including beets slices, green beans, cauliflower.

To get things rolling, I recommend trying cauliflower with Roots Black Bean hummus, tomatoes with Roots Mango Sriracha hummus, or carrots with Roots Lima Bean hummus.

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One Response to Veggies and Hummus 100 Ways

  1. Alex,
    These are great ideas and I’m still working my way through all the Roots Hummus flavors! I love making sandwiches with hummus, kale and radishes.

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