Carolina Beach Weekend Getaway

Serene beach view with sun rising on the horizon. Light sandy beach with scrubby brown grasses on the dunes.

Carpe diem. Few scenes in nature compare to that of the sun rising over the ocean.

After several mountain trips in Western North Carolina last year (Rocky Knob Bike Park, Boone, and Boone again) we got the itch for some weekend getaways to the North Carolina coast in 2015. Just one of the benefits of living in NC. Our favorite spot is the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area just south of Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. It boasts miles of uncrowded pristine coastline and is a bird watchers delight. Pelican, Tern, Seagull, Sindpiper, and Willet sightings are almost a sure bet.

Small waves rushing over the sand at Carolina Beach North Carolina.

“The finest hour I have seen; is the one that falls between; the edge of night and the break of day; its when the darkness rolls away” -Nanci Griffith

The highlight of the weekend was the almost mystical experience of watching the sun rise over the Atlantic. Here’s a real-time video of the final minutes leading up to sunrise.

Couple, both in jackets and sunglasses, smiling for the camera with an empty beach in the background.

Near freezing temperatures and 25+ mph wind gusts meant we had the Fort Fisher coastline all to ourselves

Trees with twisted trunks curving up from the pine needle covered forest floor. Sunlight pouring through the branches.

Carolina Beach State Park, with its unique and stunning ecosystems, is always on our beach trip itinerary

Woman walking away on a pine needle surfaced trail. Tall pine trunks reaching up toward the blue sky.

Enjoying a late afternoon hike through a forest of long needle pines at Carolina Beach State Park

Twisted tree trunk.

Hollowed out, likely from a lighting strike, this tree is still alive and kicking

View of live trees and sunlight from within a dark hollowed out tree.

A view from within the hollowed out tree trunk

I plan on using some of the Coastal Carolina Off-Road mountain bike races as an excuse for more trips to the coast in the weeks to come.

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