Nature Photography around Durham NC

Glassy blue water with reflection of trees

Taking a moment to appreciate my surroundings at Eno River State Park. “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike” -John Muir

Sans bugs and crowds, the winter months are a perfect time to explore the awe inspiring and tranquil natural places in and around Durham County. Some great places to start are the Duke Forest and Eno River State Park. Click through to see more of the exceptional wilderness on hand.

Smooth forest floor, pine tree trunks.

Running through a pine forest along the Laurel Bluffs Trail within Eno River State Park

Looking straight up into the treetops.

Looking up at another pine forest in the Eno division of the Duke Forest

View from below the handlebar, up an incline on a trail cutting through tall brown grasses.

Duke Forest offers sublime biking and hiking opportunities across a wide variety of terrain and ecosystems

North Carolina red clay trail cut through forest along the bank of New Hope Creek.

Enjoying the new and improved trails along the Korstian division of the Duke Forest

View over the edge; New Hope Creek below.

The Korstian division of the Duke Forest also boasts some impressive bluffs along New Hope Creek

Rocks protruding up from the creek.

Down below the bluffs, New Hope Creek is equally majestic

To learn about stewardship and advocacy of these invaluable nature places, check out the  Triangle Land Conservancy and the Eno River Association.

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