Race Preview: XTERRA RVA Pro Relay Team Shoot-Out 6/12/2014

15 professional xterra racers, arranged into five teams

The line up for the first ever XTERRA pro relay this Thursday ahead of the East championship race on Sunday

The first ever XTERRA Pro Relay Team Shoot-Out presented by LuckStone is going down this Thursday at noon. In 15 tense and frenetic minutes of action, you’ll get a real sense of the spirit of XTERRA racing.

For live coverage of the pro relay on Thursday at noon, as well as the big enchilada, the XTERRA RVA championship race on Sunday at 8am EST, check out the following links:

Live Video: http://www.luckstone.com/xterra-world-tour-2014
Facebook: www.facebook.com/xterraplanet
Twitter: @xterraoffroad and #xterraRVA

I’m honored to be racing with Suzie Snyder, a fellow mid-atlantic pro and Team Luna Chix member, as well as 7x world champion Conrad Stoltz on the “Locals” team.

XTERRA and Luck Stone really stepped up in the past few years with more interactive “regular season” race coverage on social media to go along with the nationally syndicated coverage of the US and world championship races at the end of the season.

While the technical difficulty of filming high-speed racing in the woods is substantial, the palpable drama and action of each race makes it ripe for prime time television. As shown by the annual coverage of the Hawaii Ironman World Championships, television is a key vehicle for reaching mainstream audiences and attracting partners to ensure the long term commercial viability of the sport.

I’m a huge fan of the UCI MTB world cup coverage (downhill, cross country, and cross country eliminator) on redbull TV, and would love for sports fans to similarly experience the thrill of each stop on the XTERRA Pro Tour. Media companies and television producers, established and intrepid upstarts alike, there’s a huge opportunity ripe for picking!

Enjoy the live action and cheer us on.

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2 Responses to Race Preview: XTERRA RVA Pro Relay Team Shoot-Out 6/12/2014

  1. Oshri says:

    Awesome to see you being recognized Alex, keep on inspiring us all as you do! You’re good at it.

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