Why Every Triathlete Should Consider an Off-Road Triathlon

Having just started blogging this season, imagine my surprise when Nicole Kesten at ListOfTriathlonBlogs.com asked me to write a guest post!

When I first started racing triathlon in 2005, I began like almost everyone else: on the road. It was awesome. I loved the challenge of putting all three sports together. I loved the opportunity provided by competition to push my body to its limit. The structure of a race schedule held me accountable to my athletic goals and kept me on track to keep improving.

In my bike and run training, I turned more and more to trails to add some variety and to get out in nature as an alternative to pounding the pavement day after day. As I built my off-road skills, I wondered if there was such a thing as trail racing. I did a quick search and found Xterra, a worldwide series of off-road triathlons with dozens of races around the US. Once I raced my first Xterra, I was hooked on off-road triathlon for good. As of this writing I’ve done 11 different off-road triathlons, and I’m set to try two more new races later this season.

Read more about why I think every triathlete should consider an off-road triathlon at www.ListOfTriathlonBlogs.com.

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One Response to Why Every Triathlete Should Consider an Off-Road Triathlon

  1. Oshri says:

    This was great to read- thanks for sharing.

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